Geneterprise – Understanding The Business of Sex

Our sex life is our business. We operate, sexually, as if we are running a business. The way we form relationships is similar to the methods employed by any commercial enterprise. It all comes down to marketing.

As individuals we are just another product on the supermarket shelf. As such, we must sell our self for the highest price we can realistically achieve.

How do we differentiate our self from the competition? What would be the most effective advertising we could use? How do we price our self? What markets should we be targeting? How do we establish a brand identity?

In search of that elusive sale, we will seek to market our self and pursue different business strategies depending on our objectives.

Those objectives are established by our genetic managers – the board of control.

Some businesses will be highly profitable as they prove to make substantial genetic gains; others will succumb to market change and competitive pressures and be forced out of business.

Using a business model, Geneterprise is an examination of the relationship we have with our genes and how that impacts on our sexual enterprises. In many ways, it is a practical guide as to how we should manage and maximise our sex lives.

Insightful, thought-provoking, controversial Geneterprise challenges our established understanding of sex and the free market.

“Geneterprise” is the first volume in a series on our relationship with our genes.

All three volumes are available to buy on-line through Amazon.

Geneterprise                             Genetic Parenting                               Humanity’s Drive

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