Genetic Parenting

Living for our Children; Living for our Genes

The basic premise of Genetic Parenting is that we should be living for our children; living for our genes. It is an aspect of parental behaviour evident throughout Nature and is required for our continued survival. By giving our offspring the best chance in life we are more likely to be genetically successful; we are more likely to secure our genetic continuation. Unfortunately, it is an aspect of our lives that we often overlook or that we are becoming increasingly divorced from.

It is up to parents to maintain their genetic priority, which means doing the best they can for their genes. They must manage the environment and the “Impressionable Moments” a child experiences in order to ensure that the child has what it takes to be genetically successful.

Genetic Parenting comprises a mix of parenting principles, parenting psychology and practical advice.

Within Genetic Parenting a distinction can be made between pre-natal and post-natal parenting.

Pre-natal parental considerations for their genetic prospects:

Pre-conceptual Parenting: This is the basis for determining the raw materials that we have to work with. Our choice of partner, the quality of our reproductive material, the timing of the conception and the nature of the environment will all be factors in determining our genetic prospects.

Parenting in Pregnancy: Life does not begin at birth but at conception. We should therefore be aware that an unborn baby is being influenced by the experiences it has. It is a time when a child’s genetic chances can be substantially enhanced or weakened.

Parents at Birth: Being born is perhaps the greatest “Impressionable Moment” we experience. As such, it can have a significant bearing on our future. It is for this reason that we have to be wary of certain types of medical intervention and that we should make the birth as positive an experience as possible.

Post-natal parenting identifies four aspects that we need to actively and positively nurture in order to ensure that our children can go on to be genetically successful.

Parents for Learning: The more we learn the more able and the more successful we will be. Children learn through play. It is up to parents to ensure that a child’s play contains two essential elements; that it has variety and that it is also stimulating.

Parents for Discipline: Society is an ordered environment that if we want to be a successful part of then we are obliged to learn how to obey rules. The more disciplined we are the more suited we are to living in society, which means we will be more successful and consequently more genetically attractive. Discipline is acquired when we are young and is determined by the effectiveness of a child’s parents in establishing and enforcing rules.

Parents for Communication: In a societal environment, communication is the key to getting on in life. It is not only needed to ensure that we do well in society but it is also necessary if we are to ascertain who is and who is not a suitable reproductive partner. Parents must teach their children communicative techniques and encourage them to practice those techniques.

Parents for Achievement: Although learning, discipline and communication will help us to survive in our prevailing environment the key to being genetically successful is to maximise our potential, to get the most out of us and to therefore make us as attractive as possible. This is what parents should be seeking to do for their children. They must coach their children towards the discovery of their talents and they must provide them with the opportunity to realise their potential by nurturing those talents.

The aim of Genetic Parenting is to guide us towards being better parents. It is only by doing this that we can consider ourselves as having properly fulfilled our genetic responsibility. Ultimately, parents need to re-establish and reinforce their genetic priority, which has gradually been undermined by the emergence and expansion of society. The problem being that society may offer too many distractions, pressures and temptations for us to properly concentrate on our true purpose in life – our genetic continuation.

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